The VPS team draws on a wide network of designers, production crew and actors to assemble a team that uniquely serves each client’s production. Our approach is hands-on, creative and professional. We collaborate closely with our clients to meet both their creative and budgetary requirements.
VPS Production team brings over 20 years of experience in video production, filmmaking, visual effects, and animation to each project.
  • 2007

    “Trap” is a story witch the journalist Jane investigate the murder of his father because he didn’t trust in the official police statment.

  • 2010
    Mcedonian Folk Tales

    Production of 2 seasons “Macedonian Folk Tales” series. Inspired by old folk tales from unknown writers that happen in early 18th, 19th and 20th century on the territory of Macedonia and Balkan.

  • 2013

    “Trumph” is a two-day segment of the life of a 20 year old Victor, who is standing in front of his challenge – to do a risky jump on a skateboarding competition and, to prove, for most to himself that he can rise to the top and break the curse of all second places won so far.

  • 2015

    Svadba.doc is short documentary about two business partners who start wedding production studio, but also they make short documentaries and earn lot of festival awards.

Our Vision
The new era of family business, dating back to 1924 with the new sound cinema in Macedonia, continues its work up to 2000, by establishing a post-production studio, for all types of film and TV genres and marketing.

The family business was established by Mile Petkovic, returning from working in America with a fresh idea to open a cinema theatre in Ohrid. He built the cinema that still exists with his own fund, as evidence of the first cinema theatre broadcasting sound movies.

Four generations later, the studio is managed by his grand grandson, reviving the company after the communist period. Nowadays, besides movie distribution, the company makes movies, documentaries, various genres TV serials and commercials.

Video Studio Petkovski, or shortened VSP, is meeting the needs of the market offering services such as satellite TV broadcasting, creates projects for various TV stations, conference halls, cinema theatres, on the “key in hand” principle. Additionally, we offer advices and sell professional audio and video equipment.

The company is managed by a professional, high educated experienced staff.

Film & TV Production
Producing & co-producing Films, Documentaries, TV Series, TV Shows, etc.
Equipment & Crew Hire
Working with the best film workers & recording with good equipment for the production need.
Film & TV Marketing
We offer concept design & executing for the best representation of your Film or TV project.
Locations & Sets
We offer location scouting & set building for your production.
Video Post Production
We offering editing, color correction and mastering for Feature and TV films, TV Series commercials, music videos, sport events, TV broadcasting, promotions and other types of services from the audio-visual arts.
VFX & Animation
Creation of motion graphics for your projects like compositing, mate painting, visual effects, 2D & 3D animation, etc.
We Are The Best
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